Provisional front page for Autreach

On September 12th 2007 a meeting was held in City Hall, London, to discuss the politics of Autism.

Below are MP3 files of the principal speakers and the discussion afterward

Introduction and Dinah Murray Introduction and Dinah Murray
Larry Arnold Larry Arnold
David Morris David Morris
Discussion Discussion
  • Autreach is an umbrella organisation under which autonomous ‘Autreach’ groups can form to campaign politically across Europe for Autistic rights, providing that they subscribe to this basic set of principles.

    * Autreach groups aim to be inclusive of and open and accessible to all Autistic people regardless of cognitive style, IQ, social status or possession of a formal diagnosis.

    * Autreach members agree not to discriminate on grounds of disability, impairment, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation, size, age or social status.

    * Autreach promotes the Social Model of disability as a useful tool for liberation

    * Autreach believes that a valid equal opportunities model must never attempt to combat our stigma by comparing other groups unfavourably with us.

    * Autreach is open to working alliances within broader frameworks of neurodiversity, disability and psychiatric survivors rights. However Autreach will not ally itself with any organisation demanding separate rights for Autistic people above and beyond the rights that are due to all human beings.

    * Autreach is part of a universal struggle for the dignity of the human being. As a group we demand our human rights in solidarity with other groups stigmatised, marginalised, oppressed and/or disempowered by any medical or normocentric model of difference.

    In sum, we are:

    fully human and fully here
It would be difficult to find a more positive statement of what we stand for than is found on this video on the posautive channel of youtube